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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. i tell them "you guys are gonna turn into chocolate chex!" i like cinnamon, greg is a honey nut nut. when you find something this good, you want to spread the word. [ all ] we're the pearsons, and we love chex! live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning on friday at 5:00 a.m., i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. and the last little bit of rain before it heads out of the area. mike? >> i will call this a nuisance because it is during the early morning commute. we desperately need it so hopefully you can understand that from los altos to cupertino and through sunnyvale and mill speeds and piedmont and all the
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wet weather rotates from the east bay hills to the east bay valley in 15 to 20 minutes so expect the rain to increase as it is moving from southwest to northeast. forecast this morning is steady rain when we get beyond noon it will become more scattered this afternoon with temperatures below average and mid-50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. now the commute with leyla gulen? >> brand new accident in daly city along 280 at highway one. so we do have that report and in row day yes in the east bay we have this accident with yellow and orange indicating where we have heavy rain falling at times this is where we have an accident at franklin canyon road but most of the traffic is westbound. the traffic is moving quite well. now a look at a shot
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of...nothing. that is coming up. >> a fire at children's hospital is considered "suspiciousish because it started on the outside of the building at 53rd and dover streets. nick will have a report in the next half hour from the scene. it is back. after a day of drying out, parts of the bay area are getting rain and it is causing trouble. cornell? good morning. it has been a rainy morning all over the bay area. we have soon it all. we have a brief break here in burlingame off of broadway. the commute on northbound and southbound 101 is moving well this morning and we were in the
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north bay an hour ago. look at the rain coming down on highway 101 through san rafael. we saw movement for at least 45 minutes which snarled the traffic and we saw spinouts on the way but the roads were slick especially across the golden gate bridge where driving was pretty treacherous for a while with the heavy rain coming down. the c.h.p. said because of the rain that will continue to come down this morning, be careful out there because roads are oiled and they are slick so if you are headed to work, be very careful and take it slow. >> thanks, cornell. >> a 23-year-old marine hit and killed last week by a suspected
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drunk driver is laid to rest for andrew silva in union city at noon and buried in hayward at 1:30 at chapel of the chimes memorial park. he was ride his motorcycle in fremont and hit by 23-year-old alexander yohn now held without bail. he is survived by his wife and 2-year-old son after returning from afghanistan. >> police identified two suspect shot by law enforcement officers in two separate incidents in fairfield yesterday during a federal task force operation. both shootings happened near the wal-mart on north texas street half an hour apart. a federal agent shot the 27-year-old behind the wal-mart at 2:45 p.m. he was armed and shoot at police. fairfield police shot the second suspect, 33-year-old, about 30 minutes later at an apartment
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complex across the street. investigators say he was also armed. the conditions of the two men what are relatives are not known. davis was wanted in connection with a february 17 shooting and davis was wanted for attempted murder in a shooting that happened february 19 in vacaville. >> a second bay area air national guard team will help a six one-year-old in need of medical attention on a 36' sailboat that is drifting 900 nautical mile off the coast of mexico. she was sailing and she became seriously ill and last night members of the 129th rescue wing set out parachuting into the ocean to stabilize her and the plan, today, is to get the girl and her family to safety. >> 47 oakland police recruits are set to graduate this morning. there is a lot of diversity among the 168 graduating class that will join the ramps of oakland officers, many recruits
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speaking second languages including spanish, farsi, vietnamese, polish, italian, arabic and more. >> public safety was the focus during the first major debate in the oakland mayor's race with nine candidates taking part in the debate including the mayor quan seeking re-election despite a troubled administration marked by high crime rates and sudden staff replacements. the challengers include brian parker, and libby shaft, and san francisco state professor joe toomen. >> in san jose, mayor reed is pledging to push his pension reform initiative on the 2016 ballot despite set backs to the plan. the san jose mercury news reports that he has not stopped working on the proposal aimed at allowing local governments to reduce pension benefits of public employees such as police and firefighters because of
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soaring costs to city budgets. he wanted the pension reform proposal on the november budget but petition efforts stalled when he filed a lawsuit against the state over the official wording of the proposal which he called misleading. a judge ruled against him and he has filed an appeal. >> the silicon valley patent office may not bring the surge predicted for the safe by by federal, state, and local politicians. our media participate reports that san jose city officials revealed this week that there is a new nearly $5 million public cost to bringing in the trademark office, the amount is enough to wipe out rent payment san jose will receive for the five guaranteed years of city loose. it is one of four patent satellites that rebound authorized in 2011. the opening of the office has been pushed back from end of this year to the middle of next year. despite rain, morgan hill residents face the bay area
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tough ever water saving measures after the city council declared a water supply shortage only watering three time as week and washing down paved surfaces is banned and all prosecute owners must fix leak three days of being notified by city officials. >> can you track the rain in the bay area using live doppler 7 hd on our weather app and you can download that on our website at >> the rain will push out for the weekend so this is the last thing you have to worry about driving n. >> i think so when we are through the morning it will be more scattered to lunch and over by 5:00 this afternoon/evening. we went a day without rain and the deficit grew. that is how much we still need rain at 7.5" in san jose and 18.5" in santa rosa.
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better radar is up 680 to pleasanton and dublin and to livermore and through the dublin grid to castro valley and this is rotating to san ramon and danville and walnut creek and lafayette and back to orinda. if you are near the caldecott tunnel you will find the heavy rain. 680 shows the spray coming up from the cars as we look at the steady rain headed your way in the next five minutes. we will all have steady rain through 7:00. temperatures are mild at the mid-40's to low 50's and more scattered at noon, 56 to 60 and almost over at 4:00 at 56 to 62 and in the evening, you can forget taking the wet weather gear. that is the day manner. have a great friday. it is a soggy drive, traveling along 280 you will find this
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accident in the southbound direction along 280 involving a couple of vehicles and blocking one lane. you can see the delays approaching it. in san jose, you can see lumber fell into all lanes southbound along highway 17 and c.h.p. came in in, shut down all lanes so they could clean this up and if you do need to take 880 up to highway 17, all lanes will be blocked. and the toll plaza shows rain falling and you can see how heavy the rain is with drenched directions and over to 101, southbound, this is a lot of spray in the southbound direction and you can see the headlights moving southbound is make sure the windshield wipers are in good working order. >> thanks, leyla gulen. >> more american workers need to learn to relax. that is next in america's money.
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>> folks in the midwest are braced for another pounding from mother nature with dangerous weather they are warned to be ready for. >> the giants get a buzz in arizona fighting off more than the diam
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♪ thanks. [ male announcer ] troubleshoot, manage appointments, and bill pay from your phone. introducing the xfinity my account app. covering fremont, appeal, north bay and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> it is friday morning. more news: the c.e.o. of mozilla
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resigned after less than two weeks on the job because of his opposition to gay marriage. in an interview this week he was questioned about his $1,000 contribution in support of proposition 8 a 2008 measure that banned same-sex marriage in california. much of the negative publicity came from okay cupid which blocked users from reaching the site and the head of the company said they did not move fast enough and says "we are sorry we must do better." >> traders are waiting to see if the jobs report will get a job boost to wall street. >> the unemployment rate is back in the spotlight before the release of the march jobs report it is looking up with new claims at six month low. banana republic is facing deceptive advertising wall street by a man upset that 40 percent off, did not apply to
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item he wanted to buy and suing for $10 million does hoping to build this into a class action case. >> more americans are becoming workaholics taking only half of their paid vacation. some fear taking time off will cost them their job or make them fall behind. >> speakers say captain america, the winter sold could take in $90 million the biggest movie day about so far this year which is blockbuster territory. >> paula deen's georgia restaurant has reportedly closed. workers got no notice on the closing which was announced on facebook. she co-owned the restaurant with her brother, a former restaurant manager sued them in 2012 alleging racial discrimination and sexual harassment. the case was settled out of
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court but her reputation was seriously damaged after admitting to using racial slurs in the past. >> storms are moving across the nation with widespread damage. violent storms rolled through parts of the midwest and the south overnight spawning tornadoes and ferocious hail. there are warnings in texas and arkansas and missouri this morning and 100 homes were damaged after tornado touch down in stimulus. the governor of missouri has declared a state emergency. there has been a lot of buzz of what caused a delay during the friend giants game in arizona. check out what happened just as the game was getting onway. angel hit this ball to center field and it was out but look what the diamondbacks had to deal with: a swarm of bees. they made a home near the bleepers -- bleachers and the announceers had some fun with the situation. >> this is not uncommon. we have ensue it before.
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he was warming up and you can see the bees. >> he doesn't care. >> he has the magic mustache so you are bee proof. >> the umpires checked in to ask if the bees would bother them and the answer was "no." >> what? what? >> the game resumes and giants went on to the win. >> i didn't know that about mustaches. >> and who else has really nice mustaches? one a relieve for the cardinals shaved off his mustache, then he lost all of his powers. >> and then there is eric thomas. >> have you seen him without a must disturb? >> i have. keep moving... now, we can go way back,
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with that beard. waaay back. ought rain is causing lower visibility. they are not all that low. sunnyvale and mountain view across 237 the best rain returns are coming right no and we have one sliding down skyline boulevard putting out of pacifica and headed to burlingame and up to the north, you have light rain but by far the heavy rain is falling around the bay and into the south bay and east bay valleys right now. direction for temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's from 48 in san leandro and daly city to 53 the warm spot in oakland. the roof camera shows the rain still coming down steady. in san francisco, this is a side slant to the rain but not too much rain. hopefully the umbrella is enough to keep you dry. sometimes what is coming down
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sideways soaks from the knees down and the umbrella keeps you dry. rain and scattered showers and increasing sun and warm weather this weekend and the continueed period without rain could last a couple of weeks. today the showers are scattered in the afternoon and the north by is a better chance of rain and low-to-mid 60's in most neighborhoods and upper 60's at the coast. tonight, moisture meets fog and partly cloudy and low-to-mid 40's in most neighbors and upper 40's around oakland and san mateo and richmond. the cold front is responsible and the low is close to us so we have one more chance of wet weather and then the door is close. the initial line is moving through the bay area and into the central valley but here comes the scattered showers and low pressure and through the lunch and into the edge we lose sun at 7:30 and heating and all rain and up to .1".
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temperature, tomorrow they are where they should be. our beaches are in the 70's and low-to-mid 80's before the temperatures taper wednesday and thursday but, still, above average. have a great day. be safe. >> the accidents are popping up but they are disappearing quickly so c.h.p. is getting a quick handle on the accidents. we still have plenty that are popping up. if you are leashing the car keys on the counter, 41 bart trains are on time and ace train one and they not only early but also on time. there is some residual backup after lumper spilled across all lanes but over the santa cruz mountains southbound highway 17 at the summit, we have a possible injury accident and it is city blocking one lane. watch out for that northbound traffic moving fine use make it
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up to lexington hills and not too bad in the northbound direction. slow down the speeds and watch out for the pooling on the side of the road. seven things to know use start your day. >> david letterman announced his retirement and people already getting buzz as possible replacement. >> navy repairs to commission newest warship and what makes newest warship and what makes the good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet.
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i'm john muller.
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♪ [ male announcer ] give extra. get extra. whether you are just joining us or headed outdoor seven things to know: breaking news from oakland, a fire at the administration offices of children's hospital is called "suspicious." it broke out after 2:30 this morning. nick will have the latest from the scene in a few minutes. check out live doppler 7 hd
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tracking showers, light-to-moderate for the morning commute and a few more on the way before an extended period of dry weather. i will have the welcome forecast coming up. number three, at look at bay bridge, a soaked bay bridge toll lazy and is wet with plenty of ponding on the side of the road. we have accidents popping up and a new accident, the dog patch in san francisco. the morning rain has caused a headache for drivers in marin county with steady showers leaving highway 101 flooded at lucky drive and the drive is impacting east bay neighborhoods. >> a 23-year-old bay area maybe killed by a suspected drunk driver in fremont is laid to rest today with the funeral held for andrew silva in union city at noon and burying at chapel of the chimes memorial park in hayward at 1:30. >> a sonoma county cub scout leader faces child me lastation
5:25 am
charges, the leader of a scout troop and was accused of crimes against a teen. the scout officials do not believe the victim was in the troop. >> 47 oakland police recruits are set to join the ranks of the department when they graduate from the police academy this morning. many of those recruits speak second languages and they include spanish, farsi, vietnamese, arabic and more. >> the mayor of los angeles is waiting no time trying to get the late show relocated to los angeles after david letterman announced he isry tiring and leaving the show when the contract expires next year announcing this last night on the show. right away, the mayor sent an open letter to the past cbs encouraging him to relocate letterman's new york-based late show to los angeles. who should replace letterman?
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top contenders including conan o'brian, and ellen degeneres and seinfeld. to vote for your pick go to >> the navy is trying to do more with less and one of the newest warships is a shining example. the uss core made is commissioned in san diego and is called a come budget ship, lighter and faster with a destroyer with technology that makes it more flexible that can operate in shallow wars and can quickly change mission from come budget to surveillance. they cost $500 million to build compared to a modern destroyer which can cost four to five times that amount. >> more news ahead, including a key player in a scandal involving state senator yee is out on $225,000 bail.
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some are surprised that number wasn't higher. >> new details on the army soldier who killed three penalty ft. hood.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. a soggy morning but friday, and i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i will take friday soggy, dry, or otherwise. >> friday on rocks, too? >> maybe later. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows light-to-moderate rain from sunnyvale across 237 and santa clara and slow and milpitas headed up to fremont. north of sunol grade and 84 to wine country you are about to
5:30 am
get wet weather on the grapevines. a last look we have over sfo through millbrae on 380 we have wet weather right there. this is all going to push through during the commute by 7:00 to 9:00 it will transition over to scattered showers and that is what we will have for the better part of afternoon. 101 and 880 in san jose, the spray is coming off the road. upper 50's to nearly 60 at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest us. westbound dumbarton, a two-car crash is look slow leaving fremont as you make the push across the water to the peninsula. in san francisco, through the dog patch, northbound 280, we have an accident blocking a lane and you can see through the rain and toward the terrain so you can see what we are talking about.
5:31 am
it is soggy. we have flooding and along 101 into san bruno we have an accident but waiting for a tow truck and one lane is currently blocked and up to the high-rise the lights are out so be careful moving westbound. breaking news from oakland where a fire causes tens of thousands of dollars in damage to offices belonging to children's hospital. the blaze is "suspicious." nick is on the scene with more. they pulled out a few minutes ago and that is oakland fire after having secured the scene and put a tarp on the roof for prevent rain and moisture from entering the building. the fire was put out an hour after it was reported. look at the video shot when we got here. you can see the flames were coming from the side of the
5:32 am
building close to the roof and east of the building. firefighters say there were no injuries and it was only a one alarm fire and they were able to extinguish it quickly. you can see the tape is up and one reason they wanted to get the fire out quickly, there is only 9' separating the two buildings. this is an administration office for children's hospital. they say no one was inside at the time. i have placed a call to children's hospital to find out exactly what they are next move is and how much equipment was damaged and what is the building used for? what we know is that oakland four is calling this "suspicious." that is because they believe the fire started outside of the building. why did it start outside of the building? they don't know that yet it is part of the investigation. i hope to have the answers for you and how this fire started and what the building is used for and who could be affected moving failure.
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a key player in the corruption scandal of senator yee was released. keith jackson was released on $250 the bond and arrested last week along with senator yee and others. the complain says that jackson was involved in drugs and weapons trafficking and murder-for-hire and a prosecutor is surprised it was not higher. >> the most important factor for bail is community ties and likelihood to appear and danger to the community. all three i can see the magistrate thinking, he is a low flight risk and not a danger and has deep ties. having said that in light of the charges it is a low amount. jackson and yee will be in court on tuesday. san jose state university officials say the firing of 18 residential advisors is unrelated to a hate crimes incident from the fall. last night, a task force held
5:34 am
the latest meeting into claims made by a black student against his four white roommates and addressed the firings and the school will not say why they were let go and not related to the hate crime. some are not sure. >> the incident that occur should not have happen asked would not have happened if there were better training. >> it university has filed vacant positions with r.a.'s who were to bebegin working in the fall. >> a 40-year-old was the leader of a scout troop and was arrested last week accused of several sex crimes against a young teen. a counselor to the boy scouts say he was removed immediately and don't think the crimes are related to scouting. >> army officials say the soldier behind a mass shooting at ft. hood in texas saw a psychiatrist last month and
5:35 am
showed no sign of violence to himself or others. ivan lopez killed three before turning the gun on himself. investigators are looking into a possible verbal altercation shortly before the shooting. officials say that he never saw combat during a deployment to iraq. three of the 16 wounded people remain in serious condition but they are all expected to survive. >> members of california's task force search-and-rescue team are headed to the site of the massive mudslide in washington state. the death toll from the mudslide north of seattle is up to 30 people. the latest identified victims is a 13-year-old boy. 15 people are still missing. >> a phase began in the search for the missing malaysian jetliner. two ships with high-tech equipment launch a hunt for the plane or the black boxes. there are pinger detectors from
5:36 am
the united states navy and a robot to scour the ocean her for signs of wreckage. the plane vanished four weeks ago today and the batteries on the black boxes will soon run out. >> no injury or damage reports from an earthquake in napa county. the 3.7 earthquake hit five night. officials reported receiving no calls about the trimmer. new tolerates take effect on the golden gate bridge in february the finance committee voted to raise tolls by a dollar to $7. the fast track increased to $6 and $4 if you car pool with fast track. next year in july tolls will increase by 25 cents a year until 2018 and the bridge district faced $142 million budget shortfall if it did not increase the tolls.
5:37 am
>> blue are paying increased tolls are not you have wet pavement. we have had wet weather on-and-off, more on than off, since a week ago on tuesday but look at the drought. since last week it is expanded the exceptional area, moving into the central valleys rather than the bay area and the extreme drought has shrunk and getting the 2" to 3" and 4" of rain the drought still has not let up. at danville, toward this area here we are looking at better radar runs. these are rotating up and over mount diabolo and headed to the highway four corridor so watch out in pittsburg and antioch and to brentwood. we have a healthy cell moving through fremont, also, so watch for uptick in the rain. it will be wet dug the morning commute and then it will turn
5:38 am
scattered after 7:00 through the noon hour and chances start to taper at 4:00 and most of us will have a dry commute and dry evening. temperatures are starting in the upper 40's to low 50's and well end up in the 50's at the coast and low 60's for the rest us. leyla gulen? >> if you let someone else two the driving, 42 bart trains are on time and ace train number one and three on time and it would be a good day to leave the car in the garage because it is wet and causing citizens all over the place. first, though, in oakland, southbound along the nimitz up to broadway, a jackknifed big rig and it is partly blocking a lane but mostly it is on the shoulder with a bit of slowing there as you pull away from 980. across the bay into san francisco, northbound 280 on the 280 extension an accident is blocking lanes and you can see slowing there. at the dumbarton bridge,
5:39 am
westbound side at the toll plaza, involving a couple of vehicles and one lane is blocked. pretty messy drive to get going on this friday so if you can so. >> how you can make this birthday win come true. >> a southern california man takes banana republic to court. >> close encounter of the almost collision kind that forced the international space station to move out of the
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covering walnut creek, burlingame and and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. on this friday morning a look from our rooftop camera at the embarcadero and the track, widely scattered rain but some of it is moderate. remember, you can traffic the rain in the bay area using live doppler 7 hd on our weather app or download it on >> moments ago the labor department released the unemployment which stayed at 6.7 percent but 192,000 jobs were created. the new york stock exchange opens at 6:30.
5:43 am
banana republic is facing a lawsuit over deceptive advertising much the suit accuses them of luring customers in with sale signs that claim everything in the store is on sale when only certain items are on sale. a los angeles man says a 40 percent off sign outside a store did not apply to the items he wanted to buy. he is suing for $10 million. >> he wants to build the case into a class action lawsuit. a spokesman says the company did not comment on pending litigation. >> hillary clinton plans to visit the bay area and former secretary of state took part in the women in the world summit in new york last night. she has been on the lookture circuit since leaving the obama administration last year and says excessive partisanship in the political system is taking the united states backwards and is scheduled to speak next thursday in san jose. >> a family whose pug was stolen over the week, little miley, a
5:44 am
therapy dog for 19-year-old olivia, has been found and the dogs with stolen on sunday as they were on a walk together. according to the fame, someone turned the dog in to the spca and the workers saw the story on abc7 news and they reunited with the family year. >> toys, video games and the party is what you would expect a kid to want if a birthday but, instead, a bay area boy is asking for hand written birthday cards, the five-year-old devin montoya turns six in a few days but moved to travis air force base recently and doesn't have any friends. his mother asked what he wanted for his birthday. >> he said i thought about it i want 100 birthday cards and i said, 100? why know how i will get that continue but i said can i get you 100 and he said, no, i want them from different people. >> i want 100 new friends.
5:45 am
>> one person dropped off the card and his mother hopes he will get 99 more by the birthday party april 19 and he has already received 4,500 "likes" on facebook. you can go to abc7 to find out how to send a hand written card. >> that face is irresistable. >> he will probably get 200. >> >> now, we will stick to the weather with the rain. >> it is painful getting around this morning. it really is. >> nice segue.
5:46 am
>> thank you. who else is slaphappy on this friday morning? union city is tarting to get moderate rain, and fremont, and newark and sunol grade down to milpitas rotating up to dublin/pleasanton and more rain headed your way. there is rain around sfo to half moon bay and if you are traveling along 92 through the legals and mountains, it could be dicey and to the north, it is light rain with a break to the sonoma county coast. how about mid-to-upper 40's in the north bay but san rafael at 52 is the warm spot. most of us are in the upper 40's to low 50's and we are 50 to 52 degrees all along the bay shore and into san jose at 51. lafayette is 49 and san sandy hook elementary ramon is 49. walnut creek is looking good on
5:47 am
my feed to computer but if it was rolling you could see cars are moving slowly because of the wet weather. the rain to scattered showers today and steady rain during the morning commute and scattered headed to mid-morning and mid-afternoon and increasing warmth this weekend into next weekend and we have another extended period without wet weather. low-to-mid 60's tonight and low-to-mid spirit today and low-to-mid 40's today. cold front coming in and as it does, it kicks off the showers. now, this is the last chance with scattered showers around noon and they start to taper an 5:00 and go away when the sun sets by 8:00 it is out. .1" is possible and maybe .25"
5:48 am
is possible, and 15 to 20 degrees warmer by tuesday. >> leyla gulen? >> >> we have an update on a crash, with the eastbound 380 ramp is shut down for the next five minutes so they can pull this car off of the roadway. we had blocked lanes and hopefully that will be re-opened had five minutes. you can see 580 shaping up westbound from tracy to dublin is 41 minutes along highway 4, still looking clear antioch to conquer at 18 minutes and 101 southbound, 17 minutes and at lucky drive, we have reported flooding along 101 so be careful in 580 to the south and starting with richmond-san rafael bridge rain is falling and drinked and to the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the traffic is stacking up in the cash-paying lanes.
5:49 am
there is so much junk in earth obit that the international space station has deto youd, again. yesterday, for the second time in three weeks, astronauts had to fire up the station's thrusters and move out of the way of old market -- rocket debris. without doing this the debris with have missed the station by 1,000 feet but better safe than sorry and the crew was never in danger on the international space station. >> talk about luck. amazing video of a sky diver's almost deadly encounter thousands of feet in the area. >> outside help general motors now is getting dealing with the fall intermediate from the massive ignition switch recall. facebook c.e.o. is taking on the world of tech and ready to take on a new roll as -- new role as a
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police say their new social media efforts to return social items to the rightful owners are paying off. someone saw in charm and claimed it 20 years after being stolen from a home. the charm and other scrowlry was found in a traffic stop in february. police have posted pictures of the other recovered items with a link to the page on our website at abc7 . in floridian 80-year-old woman was saved by her sweet tooth when a car came through the cva window. she just moved forward to reach
5:53 am
for a chocolate bar when the car slammed through the door knocking her to the ground but she escaped with a few butched and bruises. the 83-year-old driver accelerated for unknown reasons after backing up. >> check out this camera, showing a immediate your eight nearly hitting a sky driver in norway. they shared the video of the jump. experts are convinced that is a meteorite, the first time one has been filmed during a dark flight which is the portion of the descent after it stops whoing from friction with the air. >> so at least it wasn't blowing hot. >> we have seen that it missed by him a couple of hundred feet. >> good morning, everyone, way to go, walk off last night in twelve the inning and maybe they
5:54 am
will play extra inus, if not, 7:05 for the mariners and a's and rain is offer by the beginning of the day. rain moves to possibly santa barbara in the mid-afternoon. 77 in palm springs. if you going to lake tahoe, light snow today and temperatures near 60 by sunday and mid-60's on monday and tuesday. 43 bart trains are running on time and no delays on muni and caltrain is moving along, fine, and in a tweet, joe takes caltran and good for him. safe mode of transportation. the wider view of the bay area, you can see all roads are moving along fine but for the slow down over the bay bridge and traffic is loading up in san francisco and in san jose, starting with
5:55 am
101 pulling away from 880 up to the san jose airport, it looks like that traffic is a little bit wet right now so if we can go to that shot i will show you what it looks like it is clear and southbound traffic is nonexistent and 280 away from highway 17, and you can see how the traffic is slowing. i will have that coming up in a little bit. >> a new report fines that electronic cigarettes can pose a serious danger even if you do not smoke them. according to the centers for disease control more people are calling poison control centers to report health problems with e-cigarettes from one call a month in 2010 to 200 call as month in february half involving children under the age five. officials say the problem is with a liquid nicotine in the e-cigarettes. if releases it caused injury to the eye or skin. >> millions more in california
5:56 am
remain without health insurance. more than 1.2 million people have signed up as of this week almost meeting the target of 1.3 million for the state but researchers estimate there are 4.5 million in california uninsured and that includes undocumented workers who do not qualify. >> the post office is showing off design of a new stamp honor ing san francisco supervisor harvey milk, with the colors of the gay pride rainbow in the upper left. he was the first openly gay personnel located to public office in california. the following year he was assassinated. the staff will be formally unveiled on harvey milk day in san francisco or in washington, dc. >> make plans to head to alameda for the auction that is putting 95 tiffany masterpieces on display starting this afternoon and through the welcome. the lamps and trays and other
5:57 am
pieces come from japan garden museum and private connections. they are on sale as of april 12 and many are expected to bring between $250,000 and $300,000. the auction is on the grounds of the old alameda naval air station. >> abc7 news continues at 6:00 with these new stories: breaking news coverage of suspicious firer night neither a bay area hospital. >> a meningitis outbreak hits a california community with the at risk groups that doctors are washing. >> google and the up in disagreement
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. flames rip through an office building belonging to a bay area hospital and fire have the gays
6:00 am
call this "suspicious." >> morning showers are being tracked and mike nicco has whether it will dry out. >> new information on the army soldier who killed three people at ft. hood with the psychological background being revealed of the gunman. >> good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo leader for kristen sze. >> it is a friday morning and there is still rain out this. it is going away, right, mike? >> it will go away by the evening. we still have to contend with it through the morning. the heaviest rain is rotating from the south bay to the east bay valley and we have another line of steady rain developing long the peninsula and that will rotate to the east. in the north bay we have scattered showers moving your way. the bay shows wet weather. all the way through 7:00. miss and hit showers by noon and temperatures are below average with tapering of the showers by 4:00. inland the showers hang longer todabe


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